Topics: Is it stupidity, ignorance, being brainwashed... or just the genuine inability to exercise THOUGHT that is ...? isn’t just a Sugar mama dating site. This is also a dating site for sugar daddy’s, sugar mamas, cougars, younger man and even for younger.

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Yer awesome. these people are azzholes.. and liars. Paid to spin 24/7 there is no stone left unturned by the republican gestapo. The left and the right ultimately end up in similar places but there is no question that there is an element of sadism in the way the republicans do it. The "zero down payment initiative was a Bush baby I ll post yet another link but it won matter. why? because there are two groups of people that work the right in here, the actual operatives that are paid, and their mindless minions.. who are actually the really scary component to all of this. The same slobbering morons that were Bush supporters, now turn on a dime and are anti-bush and pro McCain, when policy wise they are interchangeable.. it s endless in here. and I think that s the point.. too frustrate and aggravate. to marginalize and ridicule, but the vast numbers are on our side.. and I think we are much closer to a tipping point than anyone realizes.. I ve heard the words rebellion, revolution and overthrow.. a whole bunch lately.

“I always say this and people take it the wrong way, but I think it’s awkward to date someone who makes less money than me.”

This bold statement comes from Brook, a pretty 24-year-old who is easily the centre of gravity at the bar we’re in. Originally from California, she has long brown hair falling in loose curls to her shoulders, and a confident manner that makes socialising a breeze.

She’s good company, and she knows it – if I were wealthy and had a penis, she might even charge me for it. Brook is a sugar baby, you see. She arranges relationships with sugar daddies, men (usually older, always richer) who shower her with gifts and money.

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The son of the Lockerbie bomber has said he is '100 per cent certain' his father was innocent as his family lodge a new bid to appeal against his.

My selfish side wanted to keep a lid on it for as long as possible. This little world has been a well kept secret for some time now.

So at first, I was worried that if word got out, a gold rush scenario would ensue. Miners from across the globe would grab their pickaxes and head for the quarry as word of a new oil boom spread through town. They’d leave their old lives behind to begin tapping the same reserves I’ve been hoarding to myself for much of the last year.

But today I’m saying fuck it. I’m spilling the beans on the easiest way to bang hot chicks without spending more than the price of a couple rounds of drinks.

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