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Whether you’re into casual encounters , new friends or a serious relationship, dating apps make it easy to make connections on the go. Instead of being limited to your desktop at home, apps enable you to check in and search for matches from anywhere -- from your morning commute to your backpacking trip through Europe. And since most apps match you with nearby users, it’s easy -- and fun -- to find a last minute date, no matter where you may be.

From the infamous Tinder to on-the-rise stars like Coffee Meets Bagel , we tested out a bunch of apps and hand selected the coolest ones so you can start swiping right ASAP.

Coffee Meets Bagel focuses on quality matches, rather than quantity, and in doing so, has gotten a reputation as being the dating app women actually enjoy using.

Well a seven figure sum is 1,000,000 and over until you reach an eight figure sum of 10,000,000 and over, so I guess a nine figure sum must be 100,000,000 and over until, of course, you reach a ten figure sum.

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You could also do the old-fashioned Facebook-creep thing and look at the profiles of your friends' friends, and then ask your friend for an introduction. Slightly stalkerish? Yes. But she never has to find out. If you handle it casually, no one will know any better. You could say something to your friend like, "Hey, I noticed your cute friend Amanda on your Facebook page. Do you think you could introduce us?" Simple, to the point and presented in a very non-creepy fashion.

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