how to impress an unknown girl | how to impress a girl (PART-1) - Duur: 6:14.

how to impress an unknown girl | how to impress a girl (PART-1) - Duur: 6:14.

Perhaps you could say something like, "For my own peace of mind, I d like your thoughts on this. Back in high school, before you realized you were bisexual, I asked if you would be interested in a date with me and you said No, thanks. Does that No thanks still hold true? Because if I m not your type, I accept that. But if you d ever be willing, I d love to date you." The thing is -- you have to mentally prepare yourself for a "no" answer. I mean, I would assume that, if he were into you, he might have mentioned this before and asked you out on a date, but I may be wrong about that. It would be awesome if he said "yes" to you -- clearly you adore him. And I think you should ask him, just so you know for sure. But I would assume you may not be his romantic "type", and that he simply wants to be a close friend. If I m right about that, I hope you can content yourself with accepting what love he is able to give you as a friend, be that conversation, hugs, or even cuddling.

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