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Interracial dating has been one of the biggest conversations within the black community. Black men have made it no secret their liking to white women.

A documentary that analyzes why dark-skinned women may not be as desired in America also takes a look at some white men who can’t get enough of them.

Dark Girls offers a frank discussion about life as a dark-skinned African American from the viewpoint of women who’ve lived their lives with a skin tone that made them feel unwanted.

Case in point: hip-hop writer Soren Baker, who describes a time in elementary school before he’d even dated a girl when he knew he was more attracted to African American women.

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These figures emerge from the enthralling new results of the 1991 census, which for the first time asked people to classify themselves ethnically. The statistics, reported in Ethnicity in the 1991 Census, are a landmark in our understanding of contemporary British society - in particular, the tug-of-war between separation and assimilation. The numbers matter.

Britain's West Indian population is almost half a million. Six out of 10 live in London. So do eight out of 10 black Africans. As a result, London-based commentators may fail to realise that the largest minority group in the country is one of the quietest - the 840,000 people whose families came from India, either directly or via Africa.

There should be compulsory bus tours to Leicester, a strongly-Indian city full of little businesses, all striving to get bigger. Mr and Mrs Patel are willing to work longer hours than Mr and Mrs Smith. They have high ambitions for their children. Research shows that Indian families in Britain are now, on average, at least as well-off as their white counterparts. Their children are better educated.

All black women are not ghetto, loud, and have nasty attitudes. It s a negative stereotype. I ve seen white & hispanic women who are loud and ghetto.a person of any race can have that characteric. Like you. You seem like you re very negative and like you have a nasty improve yours. And it s just some people s close mindedness and preferences. Some white men hate to see white women with black men.

In a general sense, Asians prefer to keep within their racial groups. One should not read any more into this than this fact.

You're always trying to find hope that some white guy will want you and then you go on a self pity trip about how you're going to take those glowthione pills, get a nose job, straighten your hair and go on a diet.

Guys will either like you or they won't


"Question Asker9 months agogain western features, the noseright will help me, perfect and look lighter with glow2thione, mixed women do look great."

This statement was made by a young black man after my white friend expressed his interest in dating black women. The comment didn’t deter him and he is still in search of his beautiful black queen.

Initially, it began with celebrities. Many black male celebrities are married to or dating non-black women. Names like golfer Tiger Woods, basketball champ Kobe Bryant and billionaire and music mogul Dr Dre, who could contribute significantly to the black community and to black families, have chosen not to.

They avoid black women like the plague. There is nothing wrong with interracial dating but the level that black men do is distressing. It's as if they believe that dating white women will make society more accepting of them.