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A wild child! Currently living in BR (bugger Bognor) in bricks after writing my ambulance off, so usually on the road. Pagan by nature - its in the blood, as is travelling. Play guitar/sing and gig from time to time. happy, very laid back and got.

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Peña’s “Ponch” is a more amusing presence, a level-headed macho hard case who can’t believe he has to put up with such a flaky partner. Peña knows how to understate, even when Ponch can barely contain his libido around a woman in yoga pants. There is also, of course, much winky homoerotic slapstick panic between the two men, including a face-meets-nutsack moment that looks like it was a lot funnier for the actors than it turns out to be for us.

If you are lookong for oscar worthy performance this isnt it but i thought it was pretty funny. Your expectations were too high. Or they didnt pay you for a better review. Its a chips remake. You expected more for some reason. I expected nothing and had fun watching it.

maybe wanna be writers shouldn’t be film critics. if you’re going to go to such lengths to trash a movie, perhaps stick to the point and quit trying to seem intelligent by cramming in overly archaic un-used pedantic filler. (see i can do it too) also i came to read a film review, not hear your diatribe about the actors looks. im guessing you’re no sweet model either.

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