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Russia is using a post-Cold War agreement to conduct an aerial surveillance mission over Canadian military facilities this week, even as relations between.

certain jobs require US citizenship and certain jobs only require permanent residence in the US your best to talk to a recruiter see now i believed you up to the point. ive done the whole canadian thang. yup dont believe for a minute, sorry. what was your MOC? sorry only real men and women join the canadian forces, you obviously didnt make the cut thats if i actually believed for a second you were if you re not ready to get off your butt and go see a recruiter than you re too lazy and the US air force does not need you! hollyy

A reduction in some amount that is owed, usually granted by the person to whom the debt is owed. For example, a landlord might grant an abatement in rent. In estate law, the word may refer more specifically to a situation where property identified in a will cannot be given to the beneficiary because it had to be sold to pay off the deceased debts. Debts are paid before gifts made in wills are distributed and where a specific gift has to be sold to pay off a debt, it is said to abate (compare with ademption ).

A barbaric form of corporal punishment meted out in the middle ages where persons would be permanently blinded by the pressing of hot irons to the open eyes.

To take someone away from a place without that person's consent or by fraud. See also kidnapping.

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do u know your on US yahoo answers? the chances of a canadian who works at a meps station coming across this is slim to none. at the bottom of the page u can click ur countries site. this is in reference to any future applicants for american forces searching for answer. urine test for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, LSD, opiates (including morphine and heroin), barbiturates and PCP.the military doesnt want an addict. they do no test for steriods unless given a reason to because it is an expensive test.

A member of the elite Special Forces unit, Joint Task Force 2, who has not been named, killed an Isis insurgent from 3,450 metres (2.1 miles) away. 

The shot broke the previous record, held by Craig Harrison, a member of the British armed forces, by almost 1000 metres. 

The distance, the strength of the wind and the curvature of the Earth were all factors the sniper had to take into consideration when firing.

The Canadian Law Site provides law information on the roots of our modern Canadian law going back to Hammurabi's code, the Bible, Law of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome Law, Justinian's code, the Magna Carta, the Code Napoleon and the British North America Act.

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The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), is the military academy of the Canadian Forces, and is a degree-granting university. RMC is the only federal institution.

A song titled "The New Bath" found in John Playford 's dance books from the 17th century is thought to be the origin. [2] However, it is also suggested that it was derived from the Dutch march " Mars van de jonge Prins van Friesland " ("March of the young Prince of Friesland ", referring to Prince Johan Willem Friso ); the first notes of this tune are similar. The march was introduced to Great Britain during the reign of the Dutch Stadholder-King William III.

The first known association of the tune with the regiment is during 1706 as 'The Granadeer's March', and the first version printed with lyrics from about 1750. [3] It was a popular tune throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, and remains so. [4]

It is played annually at the Trooping the Colour in London. [5] Additionally, the first eight measures are played during the ceremony when the Escort for the Colour marches into position on Horse Guards Parade.

Canadian Forestry Corps.. Lumberjack soldiers! Very interesting indeed! With medals? Which probably means this individual saw some European Lumberjack action. Even though they didn t fight they WERE treated in a military manner. They were, after all, working THE most dangerous civilian job DURING a war, for the war effort... and WERE considered soldiers. I don t think your sword is a "cutlass", those were usually close-quarter fighting Naval weapons, however, a Cavalry Saber is a good possibility, and looks good as a ceremonial weapon. (Cutlass and Sabers do look similar, but you would see Sabers with the military) AND, there is an excellent possibilty that THEIR ceromonial sword is the SAME as the Regular Canadian Army ceromonial sword. I DID find an awesome site, in Newfoundland, of all places, for members of the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit, part of the CFC! They have literally HUNDREDS of photos (old, new, & ancient!) from members on there, you ll just have to peruse through them. They ALSO have a contact number. If the CFC had ceromonial swords, you KNOW one of those Newfies have a couple of them! 1912 Pattern Cavalry Officer s Sword The M1913 "Patton" Saber U.S. 1860 Heavy Cavalry Saber 41-1/2" CHECK THESE SWORDS Canadian Military Swords (these are REAL) Check this entire site MIlitary Ceromonial Swords And while I am thinking about it..Privates didn t carry swords, in any military. Only officers carried or were aloowed to wear swords. Interesting. If you see something real close, drop me an email.