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Lyn, this man is using you for temporary companionship or sexual pleasure. He clearly has no intention of marrying you properly. In fact, he might already be married. Furthermore, Sunni Islam does not recognize the validity of temporary marriage. So in reality your relationship with this man is entirely invalid and inappropriate. I suggest you cut off your relationship and contact with him immediately and totally, as difficult as that may be.

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To add up, lately he is wearing a silver ring on his right hand. He is not wearing that before but now, he never stop wearing them. Most men wear rings but with a stone on it, but for him its just a plain silver ring.

Do you like abusing yourself, or something? You are asking how to fit into a group of people who clearly believe that they can t possibly fit you into their group (seeing as the world has no boundaries for any person, but of course they wouldn t KNOW (not) that-the reason why a person would believe such things in the first place), because somehow (in their ignorant bliss), it would tell people that someone out there besides them is not controlling who they can be with and who they can t, not because someone is really telling them how to do things out there, but it clears them from being responsible for any feelings of hate they might have towards anybody, and you want to know how to squeeze yourself into that type of thinking? Easy. Be ignorant. Think that your thoughts don t come from your brain, so that when you practice mono-b*llsh*t beliefs, you can blame a bigger force for your problems. Don t get along with other people, think that you are smarter than them, because of course, with ignorance comes arrogance, and live in your bliss of b*llsh*t that a culture, an inanimate object that people created to continue their separation and ignorance from other people to fit their podium talks, made you think, knowing full well that no culture or any religion made you think anything, you let yourself be brainwashed, and that you want to hang out with people who believe that same way. Go ahead. I know the next things that are going to be coming out of your head, once you hang out with people like that will be, "Some one put thoughts in my head, guns kill people, guns float into people s hands, people don t kill people. Good Luck in realizing this. I hope you do, before it s too late. People are part of tight cultures and ideas for a reason. They don t want to loosen up. They like being in control and telling you how to think. It s up to you to be smarter than the guy who is standing at the podium and sneakily reading off writing to illiterate people in a crowd, hiding part of his face behind the book, because he knows he s just making up his own words as he reads the Qu ran to them. He knows if they were to start learning how to read, he d be caught, lying about what Muhammed really said, and you want to be a part of that? Good Luck! At least you know how to read, so good luck, but you won t be able to talk about what you ve read to anybody in the religion, because no one wants to know how they can grow up and get closer to the truth. No, no, that s forbidden! You ll see!!!!!!!!

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am also a muslim.i will help you out.first you have to turn to islam and have faith then you will get to know more even more than what you willing to help.kind me at

A muslim man is permitted to marry a woman who is not muslim as long as she s considered a "people of the book" which is either Christian or Jewish. Different muslim sects may have their own interpretation of this.