Topics: why would a 33 year old man behave like this? (long story) im really hurting can you help me out with advice?

Twins, Krystal and Donny, have been codependent their entire lives, still living together in their late twenties in a converted one bedroom house. When they both meet.

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Twins, Krystal and Donny, have been codependent their entire lives, still living together in their late twenties in a converted one bedroom house. When they both meet and start dating the same guy, they remain in denial about the fact that they’re both dating him until he picks only one of them, forcing them to confront that they can no longer live the same life. With nowhere to turn for advice except each other and their only two friends-Linda, a former middle-school Tae Bo teacher, and their mother-the twins are finally forced to look for answers from within.

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After years of being dragged along to work parties with our parents or being the only kiddo at a black tie wedding we can pretty much hang anywhere, anytime. We are the queens (and kings) of self-entertainment so you really never have to worry about what we’re going to do at your business convention.

This is one of the most annoying assumptions about only children. Just because you have seventeen brothers (which is WAY weirder, btdubs) and we didn’t doesn’t mean we literally just hung out in a corner of our room crying over the siblings we never had. We are just as socially developed and at times awkward as you, punk.

After years of pretty amazing birthdays and Christmases we have got gift-giving down to a damn science. We’re the girlfriends and boyfriends who go above and beyond not only because we don’t have an army of siblings to also shop for, but because we grew up on the receiving end and now practice what we observed. You are welcome to try and top us but don’t be shocked when you never do.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are two conditions that can be difficult to differentiate as they share some similar symptoms. The two personality disorders are both listed in the “B cluster” group in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) and both include erratic, dramatic, and emotional behaviors. However, they are distinct disorders with separate diagnostic criteria.

Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental condition in which people engage in reckless and impulsive behavior and exhibit unstable moods and relationships. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a mental condition in which people exhibit unstable and intensive emotions. They manifest an inflated sense of self-importance and superiority compared to others. To further complicate the issue, BPD and NPD have a rate of co-morbidity of 25% to 37%, depending on the source that is quoted.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) individuals experience an inflated sense of self-importance and superiority yet actually suffer from insecurity and a fragile self-esteem. The hallmark trait, though, is their lack of empathy for others. Statistics indicate that men are more likely to be diagnosed with NPD than women. They demonstrate behavioral traits such as arrogance, lack of empathy, dominance, superiority and power-seeking. People with NPD are less likely to stay in committed relationships and tend to leave a person who they think might be leaving them.

Hmm, why not have both? Keep them both in a CB-6000. Let the one live with his parents and you live with the other one.

A guy who respects women is usually the product of a loving mother, and my mom has always said that it’s easy to tell if a guy has been raised with maternal cuddles and kisses. There’s much to be said for family orientated fellas, and men who are good sons to their moms will likely be just as devoted to his special someone.

1. It’s night time, you’re watching a movie or driving somewhere together, and you notice that he’s incessantly responding to texts. You ask who it is, and surprise surprise—its his MOM.

2. Within only a few months of dating, you’re friends with his mom on Facebook, she has your cell phone number and texts you personally to arrange social commitments.

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Parents want what is best for their children. If a mother and father do their best to raise their child, offering strong guidance and attentive parenting , then it is a job well done. However, letting go of that parental authority can be a challenge, particularly when the child grows into a young adult. All loving parents will have difficulty letting go and may still treat a grown adult as if they were “their little baby.”

Either case of codependency can be a harmful one. However, when codependent parents are involved it’s a particularly delicate situation. A codependent parent may want what is best for their grown children and yet may be stifling their son or daughter’s freedom to live independently. Codependent mothers may have trouble adjusting to new home arrangements (such as a child leaving the home). Codependent mothers who were at one time single mothers raising children may have an especially hard time backing away from a grown child’s life.

It is important to note that there is certainly no problem with a family that loves one another. This is the basis for strong family units, regardless of age. However, a codependent family situation may be very painful for a young child or grown child who would like more freedom. For more information on codependency issues and family visit

How NOT to fall in love with a guy from class? I dont see why you wouldn t, despite what most people say dating a classmate has many advantages, you dont need to worry about making time to see them if your always busy during the week. You always know about whats going on in each others life, you can still have your friends he can still have his, but you can see each other all the time. Its also a proven fact that when two classmates date since they are able to help each other study and whatnot their grades and productivity increase. So hey if you like him go for it. You cant just turn off love. but if its just lust your feeling then, just wait until another cute guy comes your way and all your thoughts of this guy will fade away ;) When is the right time to fall in love? Any time. You might find that special someone in highschool, college, once you hit the work force. any time. Theres never a perfect time in life, you will always have something going on weither work or school. If you fall for someone see where it takes you, dont worry about everything else, if things arent working out you can always end it. How do you know if you fall in love? Love starts off like any other crush, its after you start seeing each other a few times you will know the difference. You may think hey that guys cute, or ya I really like flirting with this guy. Its not until you start sharing those more intimate thoughts, showing each other you would be there for one another, you find things that connect you and you have in common. When your in love you literally fall head over heals and think of no one else besides that person and even after a few dates you still get those sweaty palms and racing heart each time you see that person. Once you experience it you know what it is, you just need to get out there and experience the different feelings. The feeling of having that significant other is very addictive :P Im personally a very codependent person so I love knowing I have that special person to share things with, even if its something stupid I find exciting. Someone who makes you happy just knowing their happy. Its a great feeling especially in the honeymoon stage at the beginning, theres no better feeling :) As for my love story. its filled with good times and bad, and Im about to start a new chapter with a new person. I had an amazing relationship for 3 years, which I would do again, every time given the option. We met in my last year of highschool. My first date, first kiss, first everything, and it was wonderful. We were perfect together for the longest time, and I fell in love with her, and I will always be in love with her and she ll always hold a special place in my heart. We did everything from traveling, to looking for appartments, I couldnt have asked for someone to experience what starting a life after school would be like. However as they say all good things come to and end, and over the years we started to slowly grow apart being in separate schools and having new friends. We still care about each other, and that will never change, but sometimes things that dont seem so great happen for good reasons even if you cant see them yet. My first was there for a major turning point in my life and she helped me find the person I am today. Now she s moving on and experiencing it for herself, and I am starting to open a new chapter in my life, after meeting someone from my school program recently and we really hit it off. I tried dating a few before but things just didnt. click. But so far things are going pretty good with this new girl and we ll see what happens, maybe she will be the one :) only time will tell! Now get out there and experience love, its a part of life and unless your feeling it your not living :) Good luck!

[node:field-image-collection:0:render] Elaine Fantham, a classics professor for 13 years, died July 11 in Toronto. She was 83. Fantham’s research interests included Roman comedy and rhetoric, Latin epic from Virgil to Statius, Roman religion, and the social history of Roman women. She also became a popular commentator on NPR’s “Weekend Edition.”

Providing the best tips on advice to help you have lasting love. Join Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers as they interview the top relationship experts to help couples and singles keep their love passionate, strong, and enduring. Guests include Dr. Harville Hendrix, Dr. John Gray, Tristan Taormino, and many other well known experts.

Do you find yourself
wanting to force change, fix,
control, appease, or rescue? Are you stuck in unhealthy
patterns that you know need
to change?

Have you tried everything
and still find yourself
frustrated, angry,
overwhelmed, confused, and

Whether it is a relationship with your spouse, partner, ex-spouse, parent, child, stepchild, sibling, in-laws, stepparent, grandchild, grandparent, friend, coworker or anyone else, your life and relationship can be different— even if the other person doesn’t want to change.

You naturally want to make your relationship better. You also want to make your life better. You can do this if you have the right tools.

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Twins, Krystal and Donny, have been codependent their entire lives, still living together in their late twenties in a converted one bedroom house. When they both meet.