Topics: Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest Builders 2, Shows Off.

Rockstar Games responds to the shuttering of popular GTA V modding tool, says Take-Two “were not specifically targeting single player mods.” Read the full statement here. 

The company revealed the game at the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 going on in Japan this weekend and even teased some early gameplay footage.

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I am 5'7" or taller (but that just means I’ve learned to climb things)
I wear glasses (that always get scratched somehow)
I have at least one tattoo
I have at least one piercing
I have blonde hair
I have brown eyes
I have short hair
(that is currently in need of trimming, ugh)
My abs are at least somewhat defined
I have or have had braces

I love meeting new people
(online, yes; in person, no)
People tell me that I’m funny (and I’m a DELIGHT)
Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me
I enjoy physical challenges
I enjoy mental challenges
I’m playfully rude with people I know well
I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it
There is something I would change about my personality

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Rockstar Games responds to the shuttering of popular GTA V modding tool, says Take-Two “were not specifically targeting single player mods.” Read the full statement here.