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10 Things You Must Know About Dating Korean Girls. An excellent guide to help you date Korean girls in Korea. Full of useful thought and information.

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10 Things You Must Know About Dating Korean Girls. An excellent guide to help you date Korean girls in Korea. Full of useful thought and information.

I consider myself a writer (at least, I write) and I m not depressed. But frustration and even sadness is something that comes from writing, because, as someone else said before me, you re not just feeling your own ups and downs, but your characters as well. I m a very emotional person, I will admit, and I get worked up over stuff that maybe I shouldn t. Does how writing is going for me effect my mood? I think so. Writing is, for people who are passionate about it, a form of release of their innermost self, and when all of a sudden something happens and that release gets up on hold, it gets all bottled up. I guess that s why I call Writer s Block a disease. You re being slowly tormented to death by the ideas that you can t write. Haha, so yeah. Are all writers emotional people? I think so. Are they all depressed? I m going to have to disagree with that one, although they certainly all can be depressed at different times.

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korean guys are male before korean and human before male ^try and figure that out :P dun get it? welll basically means that korean guys are like any other guy,if your attractive well no **** theyll be interested, the second part is like ur human b4 male so good personality=good shot advice the korean guys you see in dramas and etc, DONT EXSIST, ther is NO PERFECT GUY and the celeb personalities, most r fake most teens dont get that slap in the face to wake up to reality and ther ignorance then again most adults dont either instead of looking for a korean guy look for a guy who will love you for you ino it may seem saddening or even heartbraking but koreans r very traditional and will close to never marry outside ther race :( out of the millions of koreans (when i say koreans i mean born and raised not the my great gandparents immagrated to the states and they were korean) most dislike foreigners in korean..why date/marry sum1 u dislike?? BUT i do not speak on behalf of the millions of koreans out there, you may have a shot but most importantly find a guy who will luv u for u, he doesnt have to be korean hope this helped