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Online Dating: 5 Misconceptions You Need to Forget - Duur: 4:19.

to Mingle Well hello :) I'm looking to meet some cool people and see what happens I'm 36 love country music, harrisonburg , Peanut Butter :):) I am not looking to jump into anything serious just looking to socialize and possible more if the chemi.

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Online Dating: 5 Misconceptions You Need to Forget - Duur: 4:19.

Older guys know who they are. They’ve gotten over youthful insecurities and are more likely to exude that easy comfort that creates a fun atmosphere and boosts the confidence of those around them, including the women they date. A five-month study by dating site WhatsYourPrice found younger women to have a high interest in older men because of their higher level of maturity—and that's just one of the benefits of being north of 40.

There’s plenty for a woman to love about an ambitious young man, but not if he’s so busy building a career and impressing his superiors that he has little time left over to enjoy himself. A man who’s further along in his career isn’t having to put in 60 hours or more a week. He can cut out of work early on a Friday for an impromptu weekend getaway or take a leisurely lunch with a date without having to worry about a boss breathing down his neck. He's also, when he wants to be, really, really good at acting like he's in his 20s.

An older man is way more likely than a young guy to have a condo or house, a car, maybe even a vacation home and boat. He’s spent years establishing himself and surrounding himself with nice things—which a woman who he dates can enjoy along with him. A 2010 study from Scottish psychologists found that even financially independent women preferred older men in part because they had more time to accumulate wealth. (For our essential wealth-building rules right now, see here. )

Online Dating: 5 Misconceptions You Need to Forget - Duur: 4:19.


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