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Here’s a bunch of the stuff you can kill in Middle-earth: Shadow of War . The game’s latest trailer has Talion bend the knee to a tree spirit, ride on the backs of dragons and trolls, and even face-off against a fire-whipping Balrog.

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Previews, excerpts and interactive content from Cracked Magazine.

Verizon's Jetpack MiFi 6620L is very similar to T-Mobile's Samsung HotSport Pro that I reviewed a year ago -- but it's better in every way.

While both can also work as a juice pack, Big Red's mobile hotspot has a much higher capacity battery and supports more concurrent Wi-Fi clients -- 15 in total. On top of that, it's unlocked and very compact. In testing around the San Francisco Bay Area, the MiFi 6620L performed very well, with excellent 4G LTE Internet speed.

But all of that comes at a high price. The Jetpack costs $200, or $50 if you're willing to sign up for a two-year contract. After that, data plans start at $30 per month, for 4GB of data, all the way up to a staggering $710 per month for 100GB.

Deciding on what technology to send young people back to school or college with is always a challenge for families.  To help you choose, we have announced a selection of great offers so that students and parents can snap up a deal as they head towards term time. We have rounded up our top picks.

It’s hard to keep an eye on your child’s internet usage 24/7, especially when every device they use is connected to the web. Whether they’re researching for homework, posting on social media or watching videos of fails or hauls, kids and teens have become more and more reliant on their devices and keeping them safe.

With September just around the corner, that can only mean one thing – the iPhone 8 release is almost upon us! But, this year is no ordinary occasion; it’s Apple’s 10th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole decade since the first generation iPhone changed the mobile world as we know it. It’s.