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Dating as an institution is a relatively recent phenomenon which has mainly emerged in the last few centuries. From the standpoint of anthropology and sociology.

Here s the basics of what you need to know: All cruise cabins are sold based on double occupancy and the prices listed will be per person and based on at least two people going on the cruise. (If you have a 3rd and/or 4th person in your cabin their fare is generally about 50% of the first two persons. If you want to cruise solo you can but then you will be charged a "single supplement" which is about the price of a second person cruising with you. The price you pay will depend mostly on the type cabin/accommodations that you choose. There are 4 basic types of cabins on ships; - inside (no window),............… least expensive - outside (a window or porthole), - balcony/veranda, and - suites and penthouses.......... most expensive. The "FROM" prices you see will always be for an inside cabin. Prices do not include transportation between your home town/city and the port but the cruise line will arrange that for a fee. In general a cruise will cost about $100 to $125 per person per day. You can reserve a cruise by (1) booking on line; (2) by calling the cruise line, or (3) through a travel agent. You will pay at booking the minimum deposit which will be about $250 per person for a 7 day cruise, less for a shorted 3 to 5 day cruise. The balance will be due approximately 60 days before the cruise departure date. If you book within about 60 days of the cruise you will have to pay the full amount. For the most part all cruises are all inclusive. Regardless of which cruise line you select the things that are included are pretty much the same. The price of your cruise includes your cabin, all meals (including breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks and free room service), free admissions to all shows and entertainment, and free use of all facilities on ship like the pools, hots tubs, gym, disco, etc. The things that you will have to pay for are gratuities (tips) alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, photos that you want, any tours from the ship you want to take, spa services like massages, and internet service. Gratuities will be about $11.50 per day per person and cover the cabin steward, waiter and assistant and the Matre d. Other tips are added to drink orders at a rate of 15%. If you know exactly what you want then you can book on that cruise line s web site. However, since you have not cruised before I recommend that you use a travel agent; they do not charge for their services booking a cruise, and can answer a wealth of questions about cruising for you. You may also want to consider cruising out of New Orleans, La in addition to Galveston Texas. You also need to know that there are differences in the cruise lines and their ships. The newer ships for all of the cruise lines are the better ships. Princess, Celebrity and Holland America have great ships are more classy and reserved. They are just a little more upscale and luxurious than the other cruise lines. Passengers tend to be middle aged and up and have cruised multiple times. Holland America has mostly senior citizens (65 and up) cruising on its ships and very few kids and young people. Norwegian cruise line caters to families and have mostly passengers in the range of age 35-40 and up. Its the line that you want to go on if you want to be informal for pretty much your whole cruise. Carnival is the budget cruise line that generally caters to young people, first time cruiser and families in the 20 to 45 age group and there will be lots of kids and party people on board. Royal Caribbean is also caters to young cruisers and families; ages about 25/30 to 60. It has the advantage of having the most on-board activities, like ice skating, roller skating, mini-golf course, a basketball/tennis court, the rock climbing wall.

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Comment: Dave Wilkes 6th July 2017: I have found that dating sites charge you to send messages; is this fair?
Reply: Mike Barrett 23rd August 2017: Sorry for the late reply. It depends what you mean by fair. Sites like Buzz50 dating allow you to send messages to your dates but then you need a subscription to be able to receive replies. Dating sites can cost a lot to run properly and the subscription system ensures that there is enough income to keep the site running safely and smoothly.

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When you meet another Match member for the first time,. Your Profile Photo. Tips for men setting up a dating site profile;

We all have that coworker, sister-in-law or neighbor that found her fairy tale ending on an online date-to-love site like or eHarmony. We use social media for everything else, so it’s no surprise that nearly 20% of us have now tried online dating. Now that it’s an acceptable and “normal” option, how do we play the online dating game and win?

The truth is, most of the anxieties and pitfalls of dating are the same on and offline. And landing that first date with your online sweetheart might take a little more social media savvy than you think. Consider these tips to grabbing the attention of the right guys or gals online.

Think of your online dating profile as a first impression that you actually get to plan out ahead of time. Advertise yourself. Brag gracefully. Why are you a catch? If you’ve got a biting sense of humor, show it off. And if you’re an accomplished chainsaw sculptor, post photos of your work. Don´t forget to shave off that stubby beard. Get you your electric razor here if for some reason you don´t already own one

Yes, get the convertor and transformer. You will need two sets, one for the carry-on and one for the checked luggage. It is a really good idea to have a USB hub with you. When buying a CD/DVD be sure it will work in Region One, where the U.S. is. Our video equipment will only play that kind. Loop the camera charger though the handle of your carry-on and then plug it in. That way you cannot forget it on travel day. Get some tissues for the trip, the kind I like are the ones that are 3 pkgs for $1, the pocket size. Any bathroom stop may not have TP or even a toilet seat. So be prepared. Wet wipes are great to have too. Easier to use that the antiseptic things in the small bottle. Of course, you have to get travel sizes on everything. Even if you travel often, it is a good idea to replace these in case they would dry out. A small notebook and pens are a good idea too. You write what the site is, or the date, and take a picture of it. Then you can sort your photos easier. When you get to the airline seat, set it up immediately with gum, tissues, snacks, EMPTY water bottle, anything else you want with you. Take extra SD cards and replace these every couple of days in your camera. Just in case something gets lost or stolen. Make it a habit to set your camera down in the same way every time. So you hook it inside your day bag so it does not become steal-able.