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To Whom it may Concern: The reason that I used the name ** on the Facebook account creation was due to the fact that my ex-fiance is very violent and I also have a permanent protection order on him. He abused my son in every possible way that you can to a 3 year old and has threatened to slit my throat and have my son watch me bleed to death.

The Gmail account used to verify the account is a business account Gmail that my wife/business partner have and it was done with their permission, again, to protect both myself and my son. My ex-fiance is a convicted sex offender and very violent. Please re-enable my account so that I can continue to play the wonderful games on there as well as interact with some very nice people that I have managed to make contact with.

Please let me know if you require any further information or documentation in order to have this matter resolved quickly.

Make sure all your software is up to date, Firefox should be at version 5 now. Do a plug-in check by clicking on the orange button, going to add-ons, clicking the gear at the top of that page and selecting "check for updates".

Try using facebook to connect with more people. Use twitter to make small talk with everyone. Use Windows live messenger to go into chat rooms. Use yahoo messenger and go into chat rooms. Join some dating sites if your looking for some love. If your wanting to meet people in real life try looking up events going on in your city and attend. You could also volunteer your time at events.

You need the following OS to support Messenger Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 If that is not an issue read on. Make sure your IE is up to date - even if you run another browser as default. IE is coded with Yahoo Messenger If you use another browser -check that IE is not set to Work Offline under Tools and has a red X through globe allowing access to the Internet The problem is probably due to a mal-function of the uninstall software.The Yahoo Messenger uninstall software is notorious for leaving files and fragments behind creating conflicts with the incoming software Close all programs when uninstalling / downloading and uploading. If you tried to uninstall the old Yahoo Messenger program from the Control Panel and failed to back it up with a visit to the C drive, you may have old software conflicting with the incoming software. If you have Vista the whole Messenger folder should have been removed during the uninstall. Check Start > Computer >> Local drive (C) >> Program Files >> Yahoo >> Messenger. - The Messenger folder should have been deleted and not seen. If the Messenger folder is still visible - delete it. If you have a pre-Vista OS, the Messenger folder remains, and inside, only one sub-folder should be seen. This is the Profile folder and contains all the message history. All other software should have been deleted. Manually delete any other folders and files before moving on If you have Vista you may be denied being able to delete folders - in this case you will have to disable the User Account Control Start > Control Panel (Home) > User Accounts and Family Safety > Add or remove user accounts > Continue > Go to the main User Account Page > Turn User Account Control On or Off > Continue > Uncheck control box > OK Download ccleaner and use it daily. Run it through a couple of times,using the factory settings and the Analyze control to see the files offered up for cleaning. Use Run Cleaner to delete these files and then run Analyze again to ensure all files are deleted Run the Registry from the left hand toolbar but Save any changes after opting to repair errors.Never make changes to your Registry without saving the information. Re-start your computer Download Yahoo Messenger from here. If your browser security is high you may be denied downloads but you should get an options menu on the same line as the denial

Facebook started life as a social networking site for Harvard University students back in 2004 but now has more than 845million active users worldwide, making founder.