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Chennai (Tamil:சென்னை) [28] , formerly known as Madras , this 369-year-old city is the capital of the southern state of Tamilnadu and is India 's sixth-largest city in terms of population with an estimated population of 7.45 million (2005). It serves as one of the main gateways to South India and has a thriving local culture and art scene and is one of the major destinations for medical tourism. It is considered as one of the world's fastest growing cities although ranks 13th in terms of cleanliness.

It is on the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal and has the second longest beachfront of any municipality in the world.

In 1996, the Tamilnadu government renamed Madras to Chennai providing the reason that 'Chennai' was the city's traditional name while Madras was one derived during colonial rule.


This reference to Spanish and Mexican cooking terms is definitely a work in progress. Like Mexico itself, Mexican cooking is a subject so vast that it defies efforts to capture it with any degree of comprehensiveness. Nevertheless, it will be added to on a continuing basis. If you are interested in a particular item or term that you do not find, please submit an e-mail query, and I will attempt to find it and add it to the list, if appropriate.

Acuyo Piper sanctum. Plant with large leaves which has an anis-like flavor and is used to flavor stews and to wrap tamales. More often called hoja santa in Mexico and root beer plant in this country.

Achiote The seed of the annato tree which is used to make a seasoning paste of the same name in the Yucatan. The paste is made by grinding the seeds with garlic, spices and lime juice or vinegar.


You should consider shopping for bargains---in the ads weekly. Also you may qualify for assistance with food, since you are a student. You should go to the Community Based Services and find out if you qualify. Good luck in college. I would just suggest visiting different websites and maybe getting a good cookbook to look for recipes that interest you.


Welcome to  Craft Beer & Spirits Week , when we take a look at some of the passionate producers, bars and people helping make our world a more spirited place.

You won’t make it very far in the Bay Area without finding excellent beer, whether at local breweries or beer bars. While brewhounds from around the world regularly make pilgrimages to malt meccas like Sierra Nevada in Chico, Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa or San Francisco’s original craft brewer, Anchor Brewing, there are dozens of classics and newcomers opening every month all around the region. Here are 10 of the best destinations, plus additional recommendations to further your sudsy adventures while in town.

2. Monk’s Kettle
Monk’s Kettle has been one of San Francisco’s great (and intimate) temples to beer since it opened in 2007. It boasts 28 beers on tap and an encyclopedic beer menu of more than 180 bottles, and the staff is well educated and will steer you right if you convey your beer preferences or mood. Grab a sidewalk table (ideal during mellow weekday lunches) and order quality gastropub fare, like the beloved pretzel knots with cheddar fondue or cornmeal fried oysters.  3141 16th St. , San Francisco, CA 94103;   monkskettle.com


Is there pink slime in Chicken McNuggets? Does McDonald's use the whole chicken, the beak, the claws, the feet and everything else? Thanks to a new ad campaign, McDonald's is giving the public answers about its most popular menu item -- Chicken McNuggets.

The fast food company hired former to tackle the difficult questions consumers might have about Chicken McNuggets, as part of its new campaign called "Our Food. Your Questions."

The promotional campaign aims to reveal the truth to the public about how McDonald's food is processed. Imahara has already gone behind the scenes at a food-processing plant to get the facts on whether McDonald's uses pink slime in its burgers or yoga mats in its McRib sandwiches .


Kebabs (also kabobs ) are various cooked meat dishes , with their origins in Middle Eastern cuisine. Many variants are popular throughout Asia , and around the world.

In most majority English-speaking countries, two of the most prevalent and familiar kebab dishes are shish kebab and doner kebab. Either of these are often simply referred to as a "kebab" in English.

The practice of cooking meat on a stick or skewer originates in prehistorical times , possibly as long as a million years ago, when early humans began cooking with fire. [4] Dishes prepared in a similar way to kebab , with various cultural origins, include anticucho , espetada , satay , souvlaki , yakitori , and many others.


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How thick it is? The internal temperature must reach 190F. Do you have a thermostat?


We’re celebrating our 75th anniversary by sharing the countless stories of employees, customers and partners that have shaped the company we are today. More than 800 stories were collected. Enjoy them here!

We’re celebrating our 75th anniversary by sharing the countless stories of employees, customers and partners that have shaped the company we are today.

What story comes to mind for you? Getting the perfect cake for a special occasion? An employee who helped you prepare the perfect holiday dinner? A job as a bagger that grew into a career as an operations supervisor? Tell us yours!


There’s more to The Comfy Duck than the awards we’ve won, the local, seasonal produce we source daily and the distinctive dishes we’re famous for. There’s a real sense of excitement every time we open our doors. We love what we do – and you can tell. We’re trying to create something truly unique and every member of our close-knit team is proud to be a part of it.

So please join us for special occasions, impromptu pick-me-ups or for no reason at all – and you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.

Lincolnshire produces some of England’s finest cheeses, and with so many to chose from, all of the cheese we serve in our restaurant has been hand picked from our favourite local cheese suppliers. These include Lincolnshire Poacher who have been producing cheese since 1917, Goatwood Dairy , based in Wragby and Cote Hill who have been producing cheese at their farm in Market Rasen for over 30 years.


Delivers meal kits and dinners. Fresh ingredients, locally sourced. Suwanee, GA.