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FROM HAIKU, MAUI (HAWAII) An essay on how to help Mother Earth heal herself. Let's Get Down to Earth to Connect with Heaven. Treating Mother Earth as living.

Serving such exotic communication needs with no thought to cost was the fatal rationale behind Iridium, the pounds 3bn satellite-based mobile phone network, which filed for US bankruptcy protection on Friday.

Behind the failure lies a salutary tale that shows how a potentially revolutionary product was hamstrung by unrealistic planning, insufficient management control, bungled marketing and, most surprisingly, technological pigheadedness.

Iridium began as a pet project of Motorola executive Barry Bertinger and some engineers in the mid-1980s after the former's wife famously complained of not being able to phone the US while on holiday in the Caribbean. In Motorola's can-do engineering culture there was considerable attraction to the technological challenge involved in setting up Iridium's constellation of 66 satellites that would ring the world, allowing, in theory, phone calls to be transmitted and received from the furthest corners of the earth.

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Make sure you have the latest version! Even if Google Earth updated today in another 6 months time houses will have come down and other new landscapes and buildings etc, so it can only be upto date if it were live! Due to the enormous task of actually photographing the entire world once every 2-3 even 4 years seem good enough.. Heres some cool Google Earth images that will help stop you looking at your old house all the time lol.

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