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I received a message from Gio on ItalianoSingles the day I signed up! At first, I was hesitant to write back, but boy am I glad I did!. We have been together now for over a year and we are both so happy to know each other. We never would have met without your help. Thank you so much ItalianoSingles for making our dreams come true!!!

First, let me just say that I met my boyfriend online, and we have been dating for two years. We are very happy together. Even though I am a woman, I still don t understand everything about them. Each one is different and has different motives. I think it is more about the person than their sex. When you meet the right person, which it is clear that you haven t, because you wouldn t have posted this, they will not chose to do those things. These women may have many reasons why they chose their "certain activities". This doesn t mean that every woman does. And by no means does this mean that she is right in what she does. These women are tramps, just like I would call a guy a pig. There is no double standard here. It sounds like you are looking in the wrong place or for the wrong type of chick. If you are looking for someone with loose morals or doesn t really give a damn about what they do or who they hurt, you get what you find. When you meet a woman that has good morals and likes to stand for those she will inherintly act the right way and take good care of you. Sorry to say, but these women are tramps and like to use men more than their own panties. I hope this really helps. And I hope you find someone worth keeping!

I wish this thing had smilies :/ hahaha Good luck in all you do, I hope you will be with some one that is OF AGE, alot to SICKOS want to be with the youngns over there cause that stuff don t fly HERE!!!

While the Dutch site works, I personally prefer to use the Belgium planner: or the German planner: For travels to Paris, the Thalys is very useful but you have to have a reservation, and that means that you are bound to book for a certain train. You can get those reservations till just a few minutes before the train leaves, but at a cost. If you want to travel without prebooking, you can take the train to Brussels, (hourly, no reservation needed,) and from Brussels a train to France, (Lille, hourly but with one more change.) Amsterdam - Paris will take about 8 hours traveling this way, by Thalys about 4. To find times for this way of travel the German planner is the better one, as you can set it for no fast trains. Start with entering the towns you want to travel between, and the date and time of travel, and on the next screen you can select the means of transport, set it for no ICE trains, for the travel from Amsterdam to Paris it will not show Thalys nor TGV trains (for which you also need a reservation.) If you do not mind early booking but do not want to travel to or via Paris, think about changing trains in Brussels or Lille (set it as via town or search to and from those towns.) Changing trains in Brussels can mostly be done in the same station, in Lille either in the same station or with only 10 minutes walk between the stations, changing in Paris means that you need to take the Metro from station to station, making it a tripple change rather than a single one. For other ways of travel, you can get from Amsterdam centraal station to Schiphol, the nearest airport, and take a flight from there. Not many (cheap) flights to nothern France, but better selection for the south of France. For travel by bus, (Eurolines) take the train to Amstel station as that has the bus/coach station for Amsterdam: Added: To be complete, here is also the site for the Dutch railplanner in English: And Hispeed, the planner for international travel, I think it is more a selling site for tickets for the fast trains but info is given for free:

There is something magic about Rylie Rahall.  She is one of those kids society calls an “old soul” because her kindness, understanding and empathy are way beyond her years.  She’s the type of child who excitedly plans each valentine for her classmates and teachers, even though the project will be extremely taxing.  As she explained to her mother:  "Each heart will be perfect for each person in my class because everyone will get their own special hea [.]

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