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Pictures of a farang mom asking for money at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Park went viral online, starting another round of debate about foreigners begging in Asia.

When talking about ladyboys , Thailand is without a doubt the first country that comes to mind. Philippines has a lot of ladyboys too , but it’s still in the shadow of their Thai ladyboy sisters. Ladyboys are definitely part of the social landscape in Thailand, because the Thai society is amazingly tolerant towards them. Thais are mostly buddhists, which is a religion that commends acceptance and tolerance.

One might think that the best way to meet ladyboys in Thailand is to go to one of the numerous gogo bars of Bangkok , Phuket or Pattaya, where you can meet sexy ladyboys by the dozen. It is, in that sense, very easy to meet a ladyboy for the night indeed. Don’t generalise though, even if the ladyboys you see in the bars are so notorious, they don’t represent the whole ladyboy community of Thailand. Thai ladyboys do like most of their co-citizens. You will see them working in shops, hospitals, offices. everywhere you would expect regular people to be working in.

Likewise Philippines, Thai ladyboys often prefer foreign men (they call them “farang”). Thai men may appreciate ladyboys, but in a conservative society like Thailand, they’re not so fond of pushing the relationship so far. Foreign men have the reputation of being more open, and willing to commit into serious relationships with a ladyboy (well, when they don’t stroll in the bars, that’s a different type of farang!)

In this review I’ll give you my thoughts on Pina Love and why it’s a great place to meet girls if you plan on getting laid.

The main reason I use Pina Love every time I visit the Philippines is because it’s a gold mine to setup with girls who you can get laid with on the first date.

They aren’t even looking for a long-term boyfriend, but short-term boyfriends who can take them to nice restaurants and stuff. The average monthly wage in the Philippines is like $250, and Philippine girls have money leftover for nice food or drinks.

you can see them almost everywhere in Bangkok

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Pictures of a farang mom asking for money at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Park went viral online, starting another round of debate about foreigners begging in Asia.

Pictures of a farang mother selling photos and asking for donations at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Park went viral online, starting yet another round of debate about foreigners begging in Asia.

Whether they are desperate, simply trying to “fund their travels,” as this guy was, busking, or selling a product such as postcards, netizens across Southeast Asia can’t stop commenting about begging foreigners.

The lady, thought to be Russian, is selling what appear to be personal snapshots of her child, snow, and other subjects for “any price.” Her signs, written in Thai, say “Please fund our travel. Please buy our photos.”

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I meet so many guys that have been living in Thailand for several years and tell me: “The girls are all the same, they only want your money!” What I then usually figure out is that just by looking at their girlfriend (or wife) I know she has been working in a bar or was just another sort of hooker.

You can meet two different types of girls in Thailand: Those that don’t have a job (hookers included of course) and those that do have a job. Student girls are not included as they are still figuring out what type of girl they wanna be once they’re finished with their thesis.

If you are going for a hooker, sure why not, but then of course she has a bad character and even if you can bang her for free she will try to get some money another way. Like ask you out for shopping or tell you about her family’s (or buffalo’s) problems and expect you to give her something to take care her. If you are only out for some fun and don’t want to meet her again after the first night, no problem she will find someone else or even has several other sponsors already.