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There are many issues at this time. Many are unable to send, receive, sign in or out, or use any features in the mail. Yahoo has their engineers working on the problems. They hope to have it fixed soon, In the meantime, you can click one of these links to access your mail, it s basic, no frills, but it works. or: or: I use the "us" link when Yahoo has problems. You may also have a bad cache. Click Tools, Internet options. Delete the cookies, temp files and history. Click Ok and Restart the computer Some are switching to a different browser, firefox,etc. Make sure your java is updated Also you can turn of the Compatibility view located when you click Tools. It worked for

Finally. txt-book lets you convert your text-message conversations into creative + personalized books. Two unique PDF export styles to choose from: CONVERSATION or STORYBOOK. You can add a title, cover photo, nicknames, and a back-cover note. Save it. Send it. File it. Print it yourself -or- we can bind it for you.

In the app you will be able to select a date range and which texts + photos to use. You can use nicknames instead of actual names and create a cover with photo + back-cover note. See Android sample books below.

Purchase one txt-book or get the unlimited package. You will receive your book as a PDF via e-mail + a copy will be saved on your phone. Print it, save it, or have it bound using our book binding service.

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I should have known that Yahoo help would not help at all! My appologies. I would try using Yahoo Mail Classic for the time being. Yahoo is in the process of making lots of changes and upgrades. It may be several weeks until they get all of the bugs worked out. However, Yahoo has recently made it more difficult to return to Classic - they have killed off some of the old links and removed the Switch to Yahoo mail classic button from the new version. Here s how to go back to CLASSIC: This is a brand-new link that should work for quite a while. [ SORRY! Link corrected! ] (copy and paste it to your Desktop, or anywhere else, if you prefer) Evidently, they are still making updates to Classic Mail (Messenger is now gone, for example), and eventually the older links stop working. (Older links found on the web have a different number after Before you can use the new link, you will probably need to temporarily change your Internet Options settings: Go to Control Panel > click Network and Internet > click Internet Options > click Security tab > click Custom Level box (near bottom) - a new dialog box will open > scroll down the list of options to Scripting (near the bottom) > right under Scripting is Active Scripting, click Disable > click OK > click Yes in the Are you sure pop-up box > (pop-up and dialog box will close) > do not click OK or Cancel or close the Internet Properties box yet. Next, go to your Desktop (or wherever you saved your link) and click your new shortcut to [ SORRY! Link corrected! ] Then, change the settings back (you need to have scripting enabled for Yahoo Mail Classic and many other websites to fully function): Go back to the Internet Properties box (on your Taskbar) and click the Custom Level box > scroll down to Scripting > click Enable under Active Scripting > click OK > click Yes in the Are you sure pop-up box > now click OK to close the Internet Properties box. PLEASE NOTE that you will only have to change your settings ONCE - the link will work fine after you do this once! I hope this helps you! PS - You can return to the NEW Mail at any time by clicking anywhere on the Yahoo Mail Classic text-box in the upper-left corner of Classic, or by clicking on Mail on home page. To return to Classic, use the link provide above. \/ \/ \/ PLEASE DISREGARD NON-USEFUL HELP poested earlier! \/ \/ \/ \/ Yahoo is in the process of making lots of changes and upgrades - there have been many users experiencing all sorts of difficulties. To resolve error code 45: [from… "Description •When opening an email, an error message appears. •Error message text: “Sorry we re having problems loading this message. Please view our help site to learn how to contact us to report this error. Error code: 45” Resolution If you received Error code 45 when trying to open a message, please contact us by [filling out the form found st the following link:]… We will need to take action on your account before you can assess this particular email normally. When you contact us, please identify one or two sample messages that produce this error, including the following information: •Contact name and email address •Date the message was received •Subject line of the message •The folder that the email is saved at in your account (Inbox, Spam, or a personal folder) •Where the error was received •Opening an email from a folder •Opening an email from the Search feature We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible once we receive your report."