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The German elections will not affect the outcome of Brexit, whatever coalition partner Angela Merkel may choose writes Christian Odendahl, chief economist and Sophia Besch a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform.

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I m sure there are, have you tried Drunk Duck s site? Girl Genius is nice, there s a good 6 years of comics up online to read for free. If you like a Dilbert/sf type strip, User Friendly has YEARS worth online, here s the schedule from 2004 on up There s a cat strip called Smith -- I absolutely LOVED Stinz, which is a comic about a centaur community in Germany someplace in an alternate timeline. use the next button, the prelude is mostly text, but once you get to the story it moves great. Donna Barr does some fantastic black/white artwork and her stories just ROCK! And a listing of syndicated strips here