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As explained to me once from a buddy of mine who saw combat in Iraq when he was attached to 3rd Recon. Marine pride is a great thing, it keeps people coming into the Marines and it provides something satisfying for those who choose to stay in. But it s like Texas pride, it s nothing too special and can get annoying because you pretty much have to tell everyone in a 35 mile square radius you re a Marine, especially when you re a boot. So for the boots and those who do more than 4 years it s something they will die defending from any slight the Marines may receive. Like the hero Chesty Puller, very few Marines will admit to the fact that when he and his squad was rescued from an attacking Japanese force by a Destroyer he told the sailors, after he came aboard, that he preferred the Marines to the Navy because when you get into the **** you can run, while in the Navy you just sit there and pray for the best. They want everyone to believe the Marines is filled with demigods that fight lava monsters and run into battle every day. Partly because of their history and partly because they want everyday to exhibit that history. Of course not all Marines are like this, but the ones that, like you said, are kinda like cheerleaders exhibit this the most.

If your son is being soley supported by you how can you say he was adopted? Obvioulsy it wasnt that important for you to maintain contact with this man so leave him be now. And if its been so many yrs how do you know he s not deceased or living else where? Best bet is to try 1800USSearch it costs like 20 dollars I think but you have to know his full name and if you have his date of birth place of birth last known address or social security number it helps alot If your husband has adopted your son then this other man has no rights at all to this child and since it is a legal adoption and the father has not surfaced in all these yrs let sleeping dogs lie and when your son asks tell him the truth but do NOT bad mouth the father. And by the way I was a single mom for 13 yrs too and frankly my ex could take a flyin F*** if he doesnt care enough to call then thats on him my child is better off without him as I am sure your son is.

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Sorry, we can t help you. Your grand parents and dad would have to. However, hunny, she may not want to see you.