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Internet personalities Baked Alaska and Millennial Matt had a lot of fun at this past weekend’s white supremacist rallies. Well, until Baked Alaska was maced , I guess. They used tools like Twitter and YouTube to bring their online followers into the heart of the racist action. But curiously, the two still insist that they’re not neo-Nazis. So what the hell is a neo-Nazi?

The rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia were the largest collection of white supremacists in the United States in at least two decades. It left one woman, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, dead and dozens more injured. So it’s curious to see both Baked Alaska (real name Tim Gionet) and Millennial Matt (real name Matthew Colligan) insist that they’re not neo-Nazis and that they’ve never advocated violence. I’m starting to think that maybe they don’t know what words mean.

If you’re in the same boat, and don’t know if you’re a neo-Nazi, I’ve made a helpful guide to determine if you are. To be clear, the “neo” in neo-Nazi is simply meant to differentiate between Nazis who were around in the 1940s versus those who subscribe to Nazi beliefs today but weren’t alive during Hitler’s time. Sadly, there are still old school Nazis around, like 98-year-old Michael Karkoc who massacred women and children and currently lives in Minnesota.