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If someone really wants to see u, they ll find a reason, they ll find a way, and they ll make the effort. now i m going to be that someone

People s biggest problem is: they give others Chance. After Chance. After Chance. After Chance. After Chance. After Chance.

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She is being scammed and to pay for that phone bill he is going to send her counterfeit chcks There is NO man in the world who asks a woman he has never met to marry him after 5 days - especially a man with a child. He would not even consider marrying anyone until he had met the woman in person, spent time with her, and sees how she and his daughter react What you need to do ASAP is set up a fake profile on that sam dating site and start chatting with him, flatter him, pretend you are falling for him and you wish he lived in your city -- then show her the emails where he is promising to marry you - because he is sending the same messages to everyone Nobody can be so blind or stupid to believe a man she has never met and knows NOTHING about except the fake story he told her, is really in love unless she has serious mental problems And you can tell her my friend Mark s story. He lives in London and spent a YEAR chatting with a woman in California (phone, email and IM but NEVER on Skype). She seemed amazing - she said she was 32, never married, no kids, was a pediatric nurse, very sweet. He wanted to really get to know her so he took a 3 month leave from his job to go visit her, hoping that after 3 months he would consider proposing to her. He ended up flying home after 3 days because she had lied about everything. She was not 32, she was 47. She was not the cute average size girl in the picture, she weighed at least 300lbs. She had been married. She had 2 teenagers that she emotionally abused. She was not a nurse - she couldn t keep any job longer than 4 months. And the sweet lady on the phone was the most negative, awful, mean and emotionally abusive person he had ever met. He was devastated and could not believe he was duped - and this was after a YEAR that she was able to hide her lies But honestly you or someone you know need to contact this man from another profile and prove to your friend that he is telling everyone the same story

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Western Australia is split into 5 main regions: the Wheat Belt, the Interior, the North West, the South West and the Kimberley. The city of Perth itself holds a population of 2 million residents and the majority of those reside along the gorgeous beaches of the WA coastline.

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