Topics: Looking for airfair tracker software or online sites to keep me up dated on airfairs, need help.?

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I just recently moved back to Hawaii and I went through this with my two dogs. The dogs have to have been vaccinated for Rabies at least twice in their lifetime and the shots have to have been administered more than 30 days apart. They vaccination cannot be expired so if it is, they need to be vaccinated again. The blood Rabies test has a 120 day (4 month) waiting period so get that done ASAP. Here s a site that will help you with the details: It s all about timing so make sure you have all your paperwork and everything done; Hawaii is VERY strict about this and if any little thing is off, they will keep your pets in quarantine for up to 90 days.

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I would check with Hawaiian is the top rated airlines.also put a trakker on yahoo travel and it will let you know when the flights get down to the price you want.flying out of lax you should find some reasonable prices.

Wheeler AFB (Station ID: PHHI) abuts the town of Wahiawa. You could edit the date field of this URL and download 3,650 comma delimited files to get ten years of observations. --- Easier would be to use University of Utah s Climate Center s application. On the STATTIONS tab. HOURLY - select ISD_LITE Set STATION ID to PHHI Search! Under STATIONS the green + next to Wheeler. On the Customize Reports tab. Select the dates and data fields (wind. precipitation. temperature. pressure.dew point) you want. Click GENERATE REPORT Choose DOWNLOAD EXCEL if you can open an.xlsx file. Choose DOWNLOAD CSV for a comma delimited text file.

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Well we aren't completely moving to Russia! But the monks at the Hinduism Today headquarters here in Kauai are excited to reveal our beloved magazine now being translated into Russian. While we aren't completed yet with the first issue, we are almost there and are providing you with a sneak peek at this Dropbox link..