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Courtney Stodden has signed up to the 'dating' site, as reported by The Sun - an online platform which enables eligible bachelors to.

maybe use this project as a way to find out a little more about her? Not to play the age card, but from my experience at that age I was rebellious too but I don t think that should stop you from at least chatting with her and getting to know her. Sometimes these rebellious girls grow out of the attention seeking and turn out to be motivated and really great. Think of a question to ask her about the project. it can be something stupid like "I forget, what s the marking scheme again?" then I would throw in "can i add you to facebook so I can message you if I have another question?" the good thing about facebook is you can learn about her without her knowing you re creeping and you can always delete her from your friends list without her knowing. You will find that you can limit what she can see on your profile if that would make you feel better. As you get older that a lot of people you meet will just add you to facebook regardless of how well you know them. The trick is to be familiar with the privacy settings so that you can control who sees what.

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— Colleges almost never expel men who are found responsible for sexual assault. Reporters at CPI discovered a database of about 130 colleges and universities given federal grants because they wanted to do a better job dealing with sexual assault. But the database shows that even when men at those schools were found responsible for sexual assault, only 10 to 25 percent of them were expelled.

The U.S. Department of Education has failed to aggressively monitor and regulate campus response to sexual assault. The department has the authority to fine schools that fail to report crime on campus. In 20 years, the department has used that power just six times. And the department can also find that a school has violated a law that prevents discrimination against women. But between 1998 and 2008, the department ruled against just five universities out of 24 resolved complaints.

would u be ok to discuss about this in yahoo messenger or kik or skype? can u reply clicking comment on the bottom right corner of this answer i will provide my nick after u reply pls do reply instantly as whether yes / no

whatever works for her. though i'm sure she could do better. :D

With a new semester upon us and our bank accounts sadly whittled down from holiday shopping and much-needed nights out with the girls, scholarships of all amounts can certainly come in handy.

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She has kept her romantic life private ever since her bitter divorce from Alec Baldwin over a decade ago. But Kim Basinger appears to have found love again.

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Courtney Stodden has signed up to the ''dating'' site, as reported by The Sun - an online platform which enables eligible bachelors to.