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Let’s take a look back—way back—to give you a glimpse of almonds’ impressively enduring history. Turns out, we modern-day almond lovers are in very good company.

600-900 AD: Almond trees flourished in areas such as Spain, Morocco, Greece, and Israel, and their harvests fed explorers traveling the Silk Road to China.

1700s AD: Franciscan padres brought the almond tree from Spain to California, but the moist, cool weather stalled successful planting until the next century.

Every year, the fourteenth day of the month of February has millions across the world presenting their loved ones with candy, flowers, chocolates and other lovely gifts. In many countries, restaurants and eateries are seen to be filled with couples who are eager to celebrate their relationship and the joy of their togetherness through delicious cuisines. There hardly seems to be a young man or woman who is not keen to make the most of the day.

I don t think that stucco will adhere to the painted brick either. If you used mesh/wire, it would have to be fastened to the masonry wall.I am skeptical about this as well. Call a stucco contractor and ask them. Good luck.

Port Arthur and Beaumont in eastern Texas inundated by tropical stormNational Hurricane Center warns ‘life-threatening flooding’ will continueTropical storm Harvey – live updatesHundreds of people were feared cut off by rising flood waters on Wednesday as tropical storm Harvey spared Houston overnight but moved east, inundating the industrial Texas cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur and making landfall for a second time, coming to shore in south-west Louisiana. Related: 'We ain’t doing no damn good': volunteer rescuers struggle in Houston Continue reading.

The daughter appears to be showing signs of severe depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. She needs to get into therapy ASAP, but you can t force her to go. She has to realize she needs help and reach out for it (unless she commits some crime or attempts suicide, then the courts can order psychiatric counseling). As far as your husband, if he is the only one to use that computer, or only him and you and obviously you re not the one visiting those sites, you need to confront him about this. If it was merely nudism websites, many of which contain photos of children along with their parents and other adults, those are innocent and perfectly harmless and not worth worrying about. [Assuming you aren t counting simple nudity as pornography] since you found actual pornography and apparent incest in his history (and there are a couple sites like that which call themselves "nudist" and are anything but), this is a major problem. If there s a chance someone else is visiting those sites (and unwanted pop-ups don t generally make a history entry) then you need to find out who and confront that person. But if you re sure it s your husband. Tell him what you found and demand an explanation. If he tries saying, "I don t know how that got there," you can call bullshït on it; history doesn t magically appear. If he tries saying, "it must be a virus," call bullshït on that; he is probably running a virus scanner, and if he actually had a virus he would have had a professional clean it off of there, and viruses don t go looking up kiddy porn on browsers. If he tries saying, "I accidentally clicked on it and closed it out as soon as I saw what it was," you can call a huge steaming load of horseshït on that because an accidental visit to a site would result in 1 (ONE) instance of it in the history, and the person would probably clean the browser history immediately after that. You probably won t receive an answer that s satisfactory on any level and will need to make some decisions. You could insist on counseling, both marriage counseling and him getting psychological counseling to rid him of his sexual interest in children. If he refuses, tries passing the blame or denying it, tries blaming you, or otherwise doesn t take responsibility for his actions, you would be fully justified to pack your bags and leave. Even if you re pushing 50, that doesn t mean you should be stuck in an unhappy marriage with a man who you had no idea was a pervert. If he threatens you in any way at any time, diffuse the situation and then call the police immediately. At the very least they can protect you while you pack your things and get out, but even more so they will probably be interested to see what s on your husband s computer. Do not ignore this situation.

Learn about the long history of almonds and how this tree nut has been used for thousands of years.

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If you own a horse or just enjoy riding at your local stable you may start to notice that some steeds are sporting some very trendy looking horse clips. This won’t be seen on all horses in your area and it may be easier to spot on some horses than others. Clipping for the winter […]

Owning a horse is a very large expense that is made even more challenging if the horse will have to be stabled and boarded privately. A reasonable compromise for many riders is to lease a horse from a stable or through the owner. The obvious advantage of this option is that you do not have […]

“Liang and Lin founded the entire field of Chinese historical architecture,” says Nancy Steinhardt, professor of East Asian art at the University of Pennsylvania. “They were the first to actually go out and find these ancient structures. But the importance of their field trips goes beyond that: So many of the temples were later lost during the war with Japan, the revolutionary civil war and the Communist attacks on tradition like the Cultural Revolution that their photos and studies are now invaluable documents.”

Of course, historic quests in modern China require some planning. It’s one of the ironies of history that the province containing the greatest concentration of antiquities has also become one of the most polluted spots on the planet. Since the 1980s, coal-rich Shanxi has sold its black soul to mining, its hills pockmarked with smelters churning out electricity for the country’s insatiable factories. Of the world’s most polluted cities, 16 of the top 20 are in China, according to a recent study by the World Bank. Three of the worst are in Shanxi.

The town’s first upscale hotel, Jing’s Residence, is housed inside the magnificent 18th-century home of a wealthy silk merchant. After an exacting renovation, it was opened in 2009 by a coal baroness named Yang Jing, who first visited Pingyao 22 years ago while running an export business. Local craftsmen employed both ancient and contemporary designs in the interior, and the chef specializes in modern twists on traditional dishes, such as the local corned beef served with cat’s ear-shaped noodles.