Topics: Do dating sites ever really work and do I look like I would be worth dating?

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Hi, I love your question.I think it s important that you re happy and if you can find someone you ahve something in common with, or are compatible, that will help. I live to read, and am more or less insatiable. I actually met my boyfriend on Book Lovers Dating , its online dating which is the future you can click on that if you want. There are others I guess, but that’s the one I fell in love on, but so if that’s not a book lover I don’t know what is. But their database connects all over the world, and some cool features and free.

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Don t ever trust those sites omg. Learn, child - learn! Don t even trust myspace. instead you SHOULD GO to the Philippines! Then when you re there, ask her to meet you somewhere :) If she doesn t want you to go, it s obvious that she s fake. Anyway, either way you could enjoy a whole other country :-D ♥

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Honestly, people online and people in real life are totally different. Maybe you do trust him, but you don t really know this guy. I ve had instances where I ve trusted people online and guess what? They weren t who they said they were and things of the sort. People online can be whoever they want to be and you ll never know the difference. If you want to meet him, then go for it, but meet in a public place and don t go anywheres private and alone with him until you know for sure you can trust him. Once you get the know the real him, then decide.