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.:WHY DO JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES REFUSE BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS? —Did they also prohibit vaccinations and organ transplants?

2. See the testimony of Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Paul and Pat Blizzard at:

5. See The Watchtower, December 15, 1952, p. 764 (quoted above) where the Society corrects these misapplied Scriptures when it reversed its original position against vaccinations.

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Crimean authorities may have breached international laws by ordering a Jehovah's Witness to prove he has abandoned his faith before being drafted into the occupying Russian army, according to a human rights monitor.

Members of the Christian denomination, which is deeply opposed to military service, were previously allowed to sign up for alternative civilian service in Russia, where men have to complete a year's draft in the army between the ages of 18-27. 

But there have been several reports of Jehovah's Witnesses being denied the right to serve as civilians after the religion was banned by the country's Supreme Court in April. 

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A  Jehovah's Witness has agreed not to show his son religious cartoons and has been banned from taking the six-year-old to some church events because it could cause him emotional damage. 

The man is embroiled in a family court dispute with his estranged wife and has been barred by a court from taking the little boy to Jehovah's Witness assemblies, annual conventions and memorials.

District Judge Malcolm Dodds also said that the father had agreed not to show his son Jehovah's Witness cartoons , a decision he described as wise. 

All the other kids are doing fun Thanksgiving drawings of Turkeys by tracing their hands. That looks like so much fun! It’s too bad I have to go sit in.

all of us comprehend this is you DEFENDER OF actuality. Your the only one that asserts Anti-Jw something. yet i m going to chew and answer this question. initially via calling something an Anti-Jw web site you re saying any and all web pages no longer authorized via or agreeing with the Watchtower. So in result if the suggestion comes right this moment from any source different than the Watchtower than its Anti-Jw and not truthful. So via your standards its apostate and a lie. 2nd The Jw have tried to recreate or deni thier own background for years. they have no clue approximately what the Watchtower reported or did no longer say beforehand they themselves joined the enterprise. Any suggestion with regard to the Watchtower is spoon fed to them via the Watchtower. If a so referred to as Non-Jw qoutes the Watchtower the basic Jw will immediatly call it a lie and attempt to discredit it. some yet very few will seem into the qoute yet wager the place they choose for the onformation.yep the Watchtower. The Watchtower will the two deni the qoute exists or they ll provide an edited version of the qoute. For information of this attempt asking the Watchtower for something concerning Russell or Rutherford. 0.33. From in my view journey the Jw are no longer involved in the actuality. they only care approximately what the Watchtower says. I even have had Jw call me a liar and declare the qoutes and suggestion I even have is fake or missapplied. once I pull out an previous Watchtower e book or image reproduction of a Watchtower e book with the information they say its a pretend or devil wrote it. each and every so often they might even finally end up and attack me verbally.

Although im not really a JW and only studying, I still believe what the JW s teach and try to do my best but I have had my boyfriend for 4 years now, and theres been MANY conflicts I must be honest, when the topic of religion comes up. Hes christian in a way as his mum married a Vicar (Who might I add was abusive) He s recently been done for being a paedophile also! But then died (and im actually being serious!) Of a heart attack. So yes we have alot of conflicts with the talk of religion and of course now I know JW s only look for marriage mates, I do plan on marrying him and he s also agreed to have a study! As I cant explain to my fullest what some things mean. But of course like what the JW s are saying, he may not be very into the religion but it could be the fact of him being young still and struggeling with his natural feelings at that age. (Thats if you are young, how old are you both?) is he baptised? :)

Pretty much the same reason any other organisation has a website, advertisements and wanting people that are interested in joining would be able to be pointed in the direction to get them there.