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what a stereotype of your own race and the "Irish and Italians" (a.k.a. white men). that s sad darling.

Jewish Clothing Jewish Clothing. Jewish clothing is quite distinct from the clothing that other peoples wear. Modesty is of utmost important for both men and women as.

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Stormfront. Even though I m not white, I do sympathise with their views. The ironic thing is that you will read the EXACT same stuff on any supremacist forum, whether it s white, black, Asian, Arab or whatever.their concerns are the exact same thing, just from a slightly different perspective. As far as I m concerned, we need to live in either mono-racial societies, or completely multi-racial societies, where there are equal numbers of all races. As Mohammed Ali says, you wouldn t put a giraffe in with lions or an elephant with a s a biological FACT that people prefer those that are similar to them, whether it s their interests or even race. People don t seem to consider there being anything wrong with a minority living exclusively amongst whites, yet, if those same (white) multicultural-preachers were told they were now going to be shipped off to Africa, surrounded only by blacks, how do you think they d like that? They d certainly never feel as though they belong.

I m on FIRE every time i get into this Section my heart beats when i see something that is disrespectful. But i have it bad by both, by my own because of my orientation, i sometimes want to be less and less associated because i had no idea until i read blogs on another site about how blacks were condemning gays maybe the flamboyant ones, it was very painful to hear negative comment after negative comment. i have a few close friends, but i don t know if i con tune to be "down for the struggle." i don t know what happened to unity in the race, but it s a case where every black person is on their soap boxes preaching about what s right/wrong and they can t afford to talk as if they are living a sin free life. I want to see everyone get treated fairly and w/respect regardless of what they do in the bedroom with another consenting adult.