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Luke and Lorelai meet due to - of all things - Lorelai's need for coffee [1] . They become friends a few years later and have a bantering relationship, mostly based on Luke providing Lorelai and Rory Gilmore with food and coffee – according to Lorelai whenever somebody brings up romance and Luke in the same sentence.

Eventually, the two start dating and both seem to experience, for the first time in their adult lives, a real, committed relationship with someone they love.

Although Lorelai is perhaps Luke's Diner's best customer, Luke and Lorelai's relationship is platonic for many years. At first Luke is just "the guy that pours her coffee". However, he is consistently there for her as a loyal friend and Rory's surrogate father, while admiring Lorelai from behind the counter. Lorelai and Luke's friendship goes way back to before the series began. When Lorelai and Rory first moved to Stars Hollow, Luke was one of the first people they met when Lorelai, frantic for coffee, harangued a busy Luke until he gave her some coffee.

In the very last scene of the show, Lorelai is sitting with Rory and they're reflecting on 'it all'. Rory then turns to her mother and tells her she's pregnant. The show ends never revealing who the father is.

Three other actresses, including Nina Garbiras , were initially considered to play Lorelai, but the network rejected them and instead mentioned the name of Lauren Graham. [4] Before landing the role of Lorelai in Gilmore Girls , Graham starred in many short-lived TV shows, guest appeared in a number of top 10 prime-time comedies and did commercial work. [5]

In the fifth season, Lorelai started a relationship with Luke Danes; Sherman-Palladino commented: "I thought we had enough time invested in the relationship that people would care. We had a good four years, and in those four years, we saw Luke go through relationships, and we saw Lorelai go through three relationships. I felt like it was time." [11]

Luke attended Stars Hollow High School where he lettered in Track (hurdles), a successful team that went to the State Finals more than once, and won twice. [4] After his father died, Luke moved into the office above the diner and converted it into a small apartment. He lived there alone until his nephew Jess Mariano was sent by his mother to live with Luke. [5] Luke is of a very sarcastic nature, often employing dry wit in his exchanges with everyone, and is known as the town grump with a heart of gold.

Anna and Luke dated in the early '90s, and Anna was present at the opening of Luke's Diner. [20] According to Anna, Luke was always annoyed by children, which is why she kept April from him [21] and raised her alone. Anna also seems to have known Luke's family, as Liz says that she remembers Anna and that she liked her. [22]

They seem to have had a good relationship and been close, but not star-crossed as they are able to communicate somewhat calmly and tensionless upon seeing each other again after 12 years – aside from the matter of April, of course.

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Rory stresses out as graduation approaches, which leads to a day of eating and shopping with Lorelai. Later, with Luke in tow, the Gilmores hit the bars, where Lorelai takes the stage for a karaoke number obviously intended for Luke. Logan returns from a business trip and looks to discuss his and Rory's future with Lorelai.

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Where you lead, we will follow, Luke and Lorelai, because we hardcore ship your relaysh. On the anniversary of the final "Gilmore Girls" episode on May 15, 2007, The Huffington Post took a look back at one of the early '00s most tantalizing on-screen romances.

True will-they won't-they believers known the most exciting TV romance moments are often in the slow build-up before a couple gets together, or the quiet, tender exchanges that remind viewers why the characters fit together so well.

So while we're huge fans of the big, iconic scenes in Luke and Lorelai's relationship -- the dance at Liz's wedding, the kiss at the Dragonfly Inn, the spontaneous diner proposal -- we wanted to commemorate some of the more underrated exchanges from their long, tumultuous, amazing, anxiety-provoking, very romantic affair.

Yeah.I think this is an episode...erm..I donk know..I forgot.

If you want to know what happened the first link below will tell you, the second link is another site you may enjoy if your a fan. BTW, that was a good episode, I did see it, but they all are in my opinion.

It’s been over six years since the finale of Gilmore Girls , when we left Luke (Scott Patterson) serving Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) in his diner, before the younger Girl set off on the campaign trail with then-Senator Obama. And even though Luke and Lorelai do get their happy ending it still bothers me that at the end of the sixth season, she slept with Christopher (David Sutcliffe) and then married him in season 7. Seriously, it has kept me up at night. And here’s why.

1. Christopher was a crappy father to Rory: Seriously, he sucked, Until he offered to pay her Yale tuition, he was barely around.

2. Remember when he promised to be with Lorelai, then ran back to his ex-girlfriend Sherry? Yes, he accidentally got Sherry pregnant, but still. (And since that was his second unplanned insemination, he probably should have learned to use a condom.)

Lorelai Gilmore is one of the two protagonists on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by.

Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde, It Happened One Night, His Girl Friday, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Diner, and later on Hardbodies