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15 of the most ridiculous, horrible, and hilarious opening messages.

I think you should RELAX and go with the flow. Don t try to be so in control and let things be. In this day and age, social media, internet chatting, etc,, is a common meeting place for people. Even my grandfather has a Facebook account. In fact, it s a great way to great to know people and filter who contacts you as well as who you would like to attract though common interests; etc.. First off if you don t want to come on too strong don t list yourself as "dating". List yourself as there to make friends. As with any bar or social scene, BE CAREFUL. Sometimes what you see is not what you get but through conversation, common interest, perhaps a phone call when you re comfortable, you can get to know people. I myself did the same thing out of boredom a few years ago (and also because unlike people who were in my age group, I did not particularly fancy clubs or bars.. here and there ok but every weekend, NO. So I found it hard to meet people. I have met a few folks in person that I chatted with on line. One in particular was very charming, a great dadm, handsome and a perfect gentleman.. we spoke online and over the phone for almost 6 months before we met.. and the rest is history. 6 years later we are married.. life s good. Good luck.

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wow thats actually really interesting nice little experiment there yeah that shows what most people are after.. i have never heard of that site though.. i have heard of rsvp.. that has quite a good rep maybe try that one

UPDATED BY ADMIN! --- Nyusha 45 y/o Odessa, Ukraine, looking for a man age range 45 - 75. [Successful letter writer with short unrelated responses, so be prepared to spend a lot just to find out what her/his :) real interests are.]  I am ready to meet out of Ukraine. My dream is to meet [.]

Fun to be with as what others say, I love music, different kinds of music. I love reading books during my spare time. Religion is important to me as well.. But, every person has different views of opi

There is nothing special about me, I just try to be myself all the times and prefers that someone sees and know for himself who I am rather than me, telling them who I am.:blushing

I'm active, with good sense of humour, I love travelling and as I'm an artist I love all kinds of culture
leisure: concerts, exhibitions, museums etc.