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It’s increasingly difficult to do anything on your phone nowadays without sharing your geolocation information. Certain Snapchat filters, Facebook status.

Yesterday on Reddit, a user named Novaren_X wrote that he had been playing Battlegrounds with a friend, Lotoe, when they encountered and killed a streamer.

SpaceX works in mysterious ways, but today, Elon Musk decided to gift fans with the first-ever look at SpaceX’s space suits. In just a few hours, fans have collectively lost their chill, and it’s not entirely unwarranted: the white-and-black aesthetic is sleek and sophisticated, like if Daft Punk went to Wimbledon.

The suits will be worn by NASA astronauts inside SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule , which will ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS). While information is still thin, Musk says he plans to drop more tidbits about the spacesuit sometime in the next few days.

“Worth noting that this actually works (not a mockup),” Musk wrote on Instagram , where he debuted the image. “Already tested to double vacuum pressure. Was incredibly hard to balance esthetics and function. Easy to do either separately.”

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Moderators for the popular shooter Battlegrounds banned a player this week for what they said was “stream sniping,” or watching another player’s stream to identify his location. The banned player denies any wrongdoing, which raises a fascinating question: How do you prove that someone is watching someone else’s stream?

Yesterday on Reddit, a user named Novaren_X wrote that he had been playing Battlegrounds with a friend , Lotoe, when they encountered and killed a streamer named Shroud. Shortly afterward, Lotoe received a message saying he was banned from the game for seven days. “We didn’t even know he was in the game until we noticed the names in the killfeed and thought it was pretty cool, but this is just unacceptable,” Novaren_X wrote.

Battlegrounds is a frenetic player vs. player rumble in which competitors battle to see who can be the last one standing. Stealth and surprise are a big part of the game’s strategy, so by nature, a streamer who is broadcasting his location to the world is at a disadvantage. In May, the people behind Battlegrounds promised that they’d be clamping down on stream sniping , but that just raises questions. How can moderators possibly know whether a player is watching someone’s stream? (The developers of Battlegrounds have not yet responded to a request for comment.)