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Over 22,000 fans were evacuated from the Tomorrowland music festival in Barcelona on Saturday after an unspecified “technical malfunction” caused the.

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The researchers behind an upcoming 600-page federal report on the state of climate change science are very, very concerned Scott Pruitt, the new Environmental Protection Agency chief who made his national name attacking the EPA, is posed to destroy it.

According to Nature , the scientific report is a precursor to the legally mandated fourth National Climate Assessment in 2018. It is all but finished except for final sign-off by 13 agencies including Pruitt’s EPA, and Pruitt has proposed requiring future climate research pass a “red team, blue team” panel. The red part of any such panel would include “dissenting” voices —and the pool of dissenting scientists is in large part funded by climate change-stoking industries like coal mining and fossil fuel extraction.

According to Nature, Pruitt appears to be making preparations to move forward with the red team, blue team panel idea, and documents forwarded by an EPA official show he has consulted with the Heartland Institute, a fossil fuel lobbying group , on who to put on the red side. Pruitt slashed half of the scientists from the EPA’s board of scientific counselors this year, opening the way for fossil fuel lobbyists and paid flacks to muscle their way in.

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