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Online matchmaking, singles' nights, speed dating, dating apps, blind dates. when did finding love become such an almighty palaver?

Wouldn't it be easier if you could just spot the nearest singleton a mile off? Or, at least, some 10 metres off? Perhaps if they were wearing, say, a recognisable 'I'm free!' wristband?

It may sound preposterous, but that's precisely the thinking behind a new loved-up start-up powered by Danish-British couple Rina Mardahl and Rob Young , whose whirlwind romance and continued relationship inspired the MY Single Band - named MY after the partners' surnames - a coloured rubber bracelet with which they hope to unite singles all over the world.

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Baby summoned to US embassy after grandfather wrongly ticked box saying youngster was a terrorist

Sounds to be like you are attempting to defraud the system.

Be VERY careful as Ghana is one of the biggest countries for romance scams. So common the US Embassy has had to issue an alert on their website with signs to watch out for Scammers never ask for money upfront -- that comes months later once they have you hooked. Have you ever spoken on Skype? Probably not or you would know he is not the handsome man in the pictures. Pretty much every internet cafe in Ghana has webcams so don t believe that he can t Skype you - if he won t then be VERY suspicious. A friend s mother lost over $8000 to one of these scammers who told her the same story - that he was an English man in Ghana, he wanted to marry her, he was going to come and visit, he was buying them a new home in London and would fly them out, etc. Then of course he was "robbed" and needed money for a new plane ticket, then claimed he needed to show money to leave the country, then there was an accident where he needed money for medical treatment until her daughter called the British embassy who told her there was no UK citizen by that name registered with the embassy or who had even been granted a visa to Ghana and that she was scammed Also, I live in London and have never met one British man who would ever talk about engagement with a woman he had only known for 3 months, let alone never met. That is not how British men are. You would normally be together for at least a year or two, usually living together, before any mention of marriage or engagement. And no man is going to ask a woman he had never met for a baby - that s just creepy Also be careful with anyone online - pedophiles from all over are known to target women with children. This is a serious problem which is why you should NEVER share pictures of your children or even mention their names or ages to anyone you have never met face to face You NEVER know who anyone online really is until you meet face to face. I ve done online dating and also scambait on dating sites and would not believe how many scammers there really are - an estimated 60% of profiles are fake, up to 75% on some sites. I ve met men for actual dates who were NOT the men in the picture on the profile. A friend from London spent a year chatting (no Skype) with a woman in LA and went to visit hoping to stay 3 months to get to know her but flew home after 3 days because she had lied to him about EVERYTHING. She was 15 years older and 250lbs fatter than the woman in the picture, she told him she had no kids but had 2 kids, she lied about her occupation, her background and everything else she told him over a year. Did you ever think of calling his employer in London to verify he even exists? He couldn t work in Ghana as a foreigner if his company is not sponsoring his visa. If the company name does not exist in the UK he is lying. If the company does exist, call their HR department on the number on the company website and ask if a) they have an employee by that name and b) he is working in Ghana. If he says he is working on a "project" it s a scam. If he won t give you the actual company name, it s a scam. If he claims to be a tourist, he is allowed to stay a maximum of 90 days, no more, so if he claims to be travelling there for the three months you have been chatting it s a scam I would do as much research as you can before you go any further as I can give you hundreds of stories about "British" men "working" in Ghana who have profiles on dating sites Or try this test - tell him you just found out on Facebook that a guy you went to college with who works for the State Department has just been transferred to the US Embassy in Accra. Say that you emailed your friend and he doesn t know anyone there. Ask if you can give your friend his contact details so they can meet up for a beer. Say that you are sure they would both get along since they have very similar personalities. Then see what happens and wait to see if there are excuses why he doesn t want you to give his phone number to anyone at the embassy. Usually when I say that, the guys don t email again or they claim they are so busy they can t ever meet