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It is so unfortunate that Boko Haram can be winning a war against the Federal Government. While the Boko Haram keep lunching attack, the Nigerian Force keep hiding. The Federal government is short of ideas and have demonstrated to Nigerians that they are not capable of protecting life and properties. A government that has failed in this regard does not fit to continue. Boko Haram is reducing the population of Nigeria at an alarming rate. It’s high time we take our destiny in our own hand and kick this government out.

Too often, we aspire to be like the US, UK but never a time do THE PEOPLE of those
countries take on the job of demoralising their troops or families, whether or not they are on tour of duty, as we gleefully do our troops. Our soldiers have tried and they are still trying their best. Only the terrorists would testify to this as our troops march on Sambisa Forest and other flashpoints across the country.

The war against terrorism is never won with ONLY gadgets, but by the PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY THE GADGETS. Terrorists are not spirits; people know, aid and abet them And until such a time WE, THE PEOPLE, begin to take the fight to these terrorists the bombs might not abate. Taking the war to them is providing valid information about them to the security where we cannot do it ourselves.

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