Topics: We don't have a lot of money. How can we make it work??

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Fans have once again turned on Wenger following Arsenal's annual mid-season slump but Ramsey believes the players have let the Frenchman down

Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey has sought to defend manager Arsene Wenger against the “unfair” criticism he has faced in recent weeks, insisting the Frenchman has been let down by his own players.

Following Arsenal’s annual mid-season slump, fans have once again turned on the Frenchman who has served the club for more than 20 years.

“On a ratio of 12 to 1, child murders are committed by parents or a family member,” says F.B.I. veteran Gregg McCrary.

“They asked me to take a polygraph,” says former Ramsey friend Jeff Merrick. “I said, ‘Sure. No problem. As soon as John Ramsey takes one.’ ”

“If we file or we don’t file, these people are doomed,” says District Attorney Alex Hunter. “They have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.”

Sarah was the daughter of a coal miner. She is called by her middle name, Kathern, by friends and family, [7] but is known generally as Sarah. She attended Union College, where she graduated in 1962. [6] Her nickname "Kitten" was derived from her middle name and given to her by Ken when the couple was dating in 1954. [9] They married in 1958 and have four children. [10]

Sarah had a severe stroke in 2007, which resulted in her being in a coma for three weeks and developing paralysis on the right side of her body. She now uses a wheelchair and has difficulty speaking; she sometimes communicates via whiteboard. Fellow horse owner Marylou Whitney , who had also suffered a stroke, offered medical advice and emotional support to the Ramseys. To express their gratitude, the Ramseys named one of their fillies Thank You Marylou. [10]

Their philanthropic interests include the Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey Center for Health and Natural Sciences building at Union College. They helped the college obtain the property, which was the former Knox County Hospital, and contributed the funds to help remodel it into a classroom building. [6]

Dave Ramsey s advice on mutual funds is fundamentally correct and even wise but some of his key points, especially on asset allocation and diversification, he gets terribly wrong.

If you ve been saving money, trying to get out of debt, investing in mutual funds or you just like listening to talk radio, Dave Ramsey needs no introduction. I was an early listener of his personal finance radio show (dating back to the mid-90 s) and I own the first printing of his now famous book, Financial Peace , which remains on my shelf to this day.

This general respect of Dave Ramsey, combined with extensive financial services background and mutual funds expertise, makes me qualified to provide some insight into the best and worst of Dave s investment advice (although he s not licensed to sell securities and does not technically call it "advice").

On the night after Christmas 1996, six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was beaten in the head, strangled, and possibly sexually assaulted. Her lifeless body was left on the basement floor of her home.

Since JonBenet’s death, her family has been entangled in controversy. Depending on whom you believe, John and Patsy Ramsey are killers who murdered their child, liars who covered up a murder by their son, Burke, or innocent people plagued by unjust accusations.

Few have delved into who the Ramsey family really is and what they did before and after JonBenet’s death. Tidbits from their lives cast suspicion everywhere and might hold the key to cracking the case.

I m going to point you in the BEST direction: 1. The Dave Ramsey Show (his book is The Total Money Makeover) 2. The Suze Orman Show 3. Ramit Sethi s book I Will Teach You to Be Rich 4. website: Budgets Are Sexy (Really takes the boring out of budgeting) 5. Investopedia (learn about investing) If you have itunes, you can listen and watch the two shows that I mentioned. I highly recommend listening to the Dave Ramsey Show. People share their problems and triumphs on their and Dave gives great advice. You don t have to have debt to listen. If you have no debt then do this: 1. Sit down together and assess everything you spend money on. 2. Add to that list an emergency fund that needs to cover 3 months worth of pay at the least. 3. AFTER your emergency fund is completed, you should start saving money to get ahead. Not just a savings account, but a retirement account. 4. Roth IRA, 401K (get to know a lot about these) To stick to a budget, I suggest the envelope method. label envelopes and and each month place the money for each thing in them. There is also the automated method in which you have the amount for saving deducted from your account and placed into your savings account each month. You and your husband need to be open with each other and you both need to work together. For you and your husband I HIGHLY recommend The Dave Ramsey Show. His show is great for couples, families, and all ages and marital statuses. He provides great advice and if you call in on his show you may be given a free copy of his book. You can find it on his website: While I myself am only dating, I know this stuff because of the people I mentioned earlier. I ve been studying and practicing these things for years now, since I was 16 and I m 21 now. I still you all of those sites and I read all of those books. I even keep copies for myself. So I am in no way endorsing or promoting those people or getting paid to say this stuff. Good luck and I hope this helped.

Well you know I m basically in the same boat as you only my parents can afford a little more. We have many of the same problems. The only things I can tell you are budget. Pay attention in personal finances class it will help out a great deal. Then you can help your parents out. If your parents can tell them they should set up a savings account even if alls they can put in it each month is a couple bucks here and there. Cut down on electricity. Like turn the lights off and that when not using. I got a bad habit of leaving lights on. If anyone else lives near you that goes to your school then maybe you all could try car pooling. Save on gas. My mom makes $20.00/hour almost and my dad is working two jobs and they still can t make ends meet. Our house payment went up to like $700 or $800 our house is not worth that much. Anyways when your 16 you can work at plumbs just so you know. edit: Yeah i hate hearing my parents talk about money problems to it almost always ends up into a heated argument and I try and give suggestions, but they don t want to hear it.

Shona Ramsey is the mother of Kylie Platt 's killer Clayton Hibbs and the ex-girlfriend of the abusive Nathan Curtis.

At the age of around thirteen Shona became pregnant with a man named Dane Hibbs 's child. Deciding that Dane was not the best possible role-model for her son to grow up with, Shona broke off their relationship and raised their son, Clayton , by herself, with the occasional help of her sister.

Around this time, Shona began a relationship with Nathan Curtis who attempted to enlist her in his line of work, manipulating young women into having sex with older men. When Shona realised what Nathan was really planning for her, she was able to find the courage to break off her relationship with him (not before he'd been physically abusive towards her) leaving her homeless.

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1 - even if you pay off the debt collections they remain a scar on your credit report for 7 years unfortunately. #2 - check your debt ratio. This is the amount of debt used vs the amount of debt available on credit cards. If you re carrying a $500 balance on your $600 card it s nice that you pay it every month, but you will see a credit increase if you can reduce your carrying balance to $300 or less. #3 - Don t open and close cards/bank accounts. The length of time you have had your oldest bank account and credit card factor into your score. #4 - Paying off your vehicle will do wonders to your credit score. Also you might want to attempt to get a regular credit card. I don t know with those scores if you will be eligible for anything - maybe a store card or a card through your bank? Then use it for like $20 of gas a month and pay it off. This will improve your debt ratio and create a record of on time payments. #5 - If you have excessive debt go talk to your bank about your options. They can give you answers without any commitment or expense and they are a reputable source vs an unknown credit company. Consolidating your debt can do amazing things, but generally you need some sort of collateral to secure the new loan against, I am not sure what unsecured options there are that can reduce your interest rate but generally irregardless consolidating debt gives you a smaller monthly payment. Ironically getting a loan also often boosts your score as somebody found you credit worthy it makes you more interesting to the other companies. Best of luck! Unfortunately a bad credit score is a ghost that will haunt you for years and can be very difficult to get rid of.

Ken Ramsey began his business career as a truck driver in the northeast before returning to Kentucky and managing a trucking company. He became a realtor in the 1970s.