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Police have arrested a second suspect one year after they say a man was lured to a location by someone he met through an online dating website and then.

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my first boyfriend, we met when we got on the bus. I was on my way home.

Since its opening in 1993, Sovereign Harbour development, has expanded across the site to the eastern border of the town. Formerly known as “The Crumbles”, the marina now consists of four separate harbours, a retail park and extensive housing developments.

It is a little known fact, that each of the five apartment developments to the east of the site bordering the beach and traveling north as far as 'bay view park', actually own their beaches, (up to the high water mark), and adjacent to their individual developments. Thousands of members of the public, use these beaches every year for recreational purposes; most believing that the beach are publicly owned.

Sadly, many if those who take advantage of these beaches, abuse them by littering, leaving broken glass from bottles, vandalising signs and plants or allowing their dogs to run free, fouling the beach. Far too many fail to pick up their dogs’ faeces.

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